Liquid Guage Stainless Steel Brass Stainless Steel internals Brass internals

Glycerine in these gauges smooths out pulsations and protects the mechanism from corrosive environments. When used with media that attacks brass or with high pressures, all stainless steel movement & socket are offered. Lenses are Acrylic.

Meets ANSI accuracy standard B40.1[3-2-3%] except for the 6″ series which have a 1½% full scale accuracy. Dials are standard PSI/Bar with legend 100xkPa; 6″ Models are PSI. 1/8 “NPT is standard fitting on 1½” gauges, optional on some 2″ gauges. ¼”NPT is standard on all larger models. Special fittings available on some models at extra cost.

Stainless/Stainless, Stainless/Brass, Brass/Brass
Dial size 1 1/2″ up to 6″
Pressure 15 up to 20,000 psi

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