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In the world of manufacturing and oil field operations, having the right tools is crucial. That’s where Manufacturers Advantage comes in. We are your one-stop-shop for all your hand tool needs. Our extensive range of high-quality, durable hand tools are designed to meet the rigorous demands of both manufacturing and oil field environments. From wrenches and pliers to hammers and screwdrivers, you name it, we’ve got you covered. Our tools are not just robust and reliable, but also ergonomically designed for comfort and efficiency. At Manufacturers Advantage, LLC, we understand that the right tools can make a significant difference in your operational efficiency and bottom line. That’s why we are committed to providing you with the best tools in the industry. So, whether you’re tightening bolts on the manufacturing floor or working on an oil rig, contact Manufacturers Advantage to provide the hand tools you need to get the job done right.

zip tie, cable tie,
Zip Ties for Every Need: Manufacturers Advantage, LLC

Manufacturers Advantage is your go-to source for high-quality zip ties. Whether you’re bundling cables, securing wires, or tackling DIY projects, they’ve got you covered.
We have what you are looking for:
Versatility: From 4-inch to over 48-inch lengths, we offer a wide range of zip ties. No matter the task, you’ll find the perfect size.
Quality: These zip ties are made from durable nylon, ensuring reliability and longevity.
Strength: Need heavy-duty ties? Manufacturers Advantage provides extra-strong options with tensile strengths of up to 250 lbs.
Convenience: With convenient service and timely delivery, we make your shopping experience hassle-free.
UV Resistance
Ever wondered why black zip ties are so popular for outdoor use? It’s all about that carbon black. When these ties are molded, carbon stabilizers are added to the nylon resin. This magic ingredient makes them UV resistant, protecting them from the elements. Without it, excessive radiation exposure would turn zip ties brittle and fragile.

Next time you need zip ties, trust Manufacturers Advantage. Give is a call (318) 674-2940 to place your order today!

We have the right zip tie for you!

Exciting News! Blue Betty Industrial Degreaser is HERE! 

At Manufacturers Advantage, LLC, we’re thrilled to announce our latest addition: Blue Betty Industrial Degreaser!

🔹 What Is Blue Betty? Blue Betty is a powerhouse degreaser designed for the toughest industrial cleaning challenges. Whether you’re battling stubborn grease, oil, or grime, Blue Betty has your back. Say goodbye to those pesky hydrocarbon buildups and hello to sparkling-clean surfaces!

🔹 Why Choose Blue Betty?

  1. Unbeatable Performance: Blue Betty cuts through grease like a hot knife through butter. It’s your secret weapon against engine grime, tar, and bitumen.
  2. Versatility: From parts washers to heavy equipment, Blue Betty tackles it all. It’s even safe for concrete, steel, and metals.
  3. Environmentally Preferred: Blue Betty is formulated with care. It’s biodegradable, non-toxic, and phosphate-free—good for your business and the planet!

🔹 How Can You Get Blue Betty? Visit our Bossier City, Louisiana location or give us a call at 318-674-2940. Our team is ready to assist you!

Remember, at Manufacturers Advantage, we’re not just about products; we’re about saving you time, effort, and money. Let Blue Betty be your go-to solution for industrial cleaning needs.

Contact us:

  • Phone: 318-674-2940
  • Address: 3801 Shed Road, Bossier City, LA 71111

Discover the power of Blue Betty—because clean is the new gold standard!

Mercer Anatomical Facemask

Anatomical Two-Layer Design
Ergonomic design provides excellent breathability and ensures freshness and comfort even when used for an extended period.

Masks contain two layers of 100% polypropylene, spunbond SS (2 ply), non-woven fabric providing a superior penetration barrier.

Technical Information:
• Bacterial filtration efficiency greater than 99% for media larger than 3 microns
• Fluid resistant, this product provides protection against the penetration of fluids (120 mmHg / 16.0kPa). Fluid resistance is measured in accordance with ASTM F1862*
• Non-FDA Approved

*This test evaluates the resistance of a medical face mask to penetration by a small volume (~2 mL) of synthetic blood at a high velocity (80 mmHg, 120 mmHg, or 160 mmHg). The mask either passes or fails based on visual evidence of synthetic blood.

All masks are individually wrapped

Call for pricing today!

Humphrey Seal Repair Kits

Each Humphrey Products Pneumatic valve features the classic Humphrey diaphragm-poppet principle and Buna-N seals. Even with the strength of the materials the rings and seals are made of they do have a lifetime that is shorter than the metal material the valves are made from. Humphrey wants you to be able to have a short down time without having to completely replace the valve.  That is why they offer Seal Repair Kits.  These are available for any Quick Exhaust, 125, 250, or 501 series valves.  Each kit comes with a replacement diaphragm and “O” Ring.  Below are the item numbers for some of our most requested seal repair kits. 









Call today for availability and pricing.


Scott Rags In-A-Box, Pop-Up Box, White

Ideal for painting, wiping up spills, staining and refinishing furniture
Soft, absorbent towels that perform like a cloth
Built-in handle allows you to take the box on the job while keeping rags clean

Applicable MaterialsCeramic Tile,Glass,Laminate,Marble,Stainless Steel

Need extra sturdy towels to assist in wiping down surfaces in the office, the factory, or the meeting room. We have a very limited quantity of Scott Rags-in-a-box remaining. Significant price reduction on limited quantity. Call us for pricing today.

New Product Offerings From Urrea Tools
Urrea 2nd Quarter Promotion – 2019

Each quarter Urrea Professional Tools features select products and product lines. The second quarter of 2019 promotion features Impact Socket Sets, Roller Cabinets (Toolbox), Screwdriver Sets, Nut Driver Sets, and Pipe Wrenches.

Manufacturers Advantage Line Card

Click the Download link below to download a copy of our complete 2020 Line Card.

2019 1st Quarter Promotion Urrea Tools

Each quarter Urrea Professional Tools features select products and product lines. The first quarter of 2019 promotion features wrenches.

  • Adjustable Wrenches – chrome plated and rubber gripped
  • 12 Point Combination wrenches – Standard and Metric sets 11 to 26 piece
  • Extra Long, Open-ended, Box-end, service wrenches, obstruction wrenches, Flare nut, and ratcheting wrenches.